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What is Success and How Do You Achieve It?

By Melissa Burton, LCSW, CMC  Who comes to mind when you envision a successful person? Society often looks to wealthy and notable people as successful, but often these people are incredibly unhappy. From tragic tabloid tales and the recent high-profile suicides like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, societal success sometimes comes at the expense of […]

Learning to Love the Life You Have

By Michelle Nagy, M. Ed.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have memories of planning out my future. I knew I would graduate high school, go to college and then begin working or go on to grad school. Even more importantly though, I knew that I wanted to get married and have kids. […]

Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

By Melissa Burton, LCSW The fear of failure could be one of the greatest struggles of our time. How do you tackle such a big existential dilemma? Can we conquer failure once and for all, or are we destined to fight this battle forever? Sometimes the greatest obstacles can be solved with simple solutions. Let’s […]

Getting Your Inner Spark Back: 5 Tips to Loving Yourself Again

We are born knowing that we are infinitely lovable. Babies and toddlers demand love and attention. They ask to be held, they ask for toys and presents and they feel they deserve them. When we’re very young, we simply somehow just “know” that we are amazing and deserve nothing but goodness. But then something happens… […]

Adjusting to moving to Nashville

By Michelle Nagy, M.Ed.  “100 people move to Nashville a day.” It’s become a common conversation starter among friends or even with the local Uber driver. Everyone knows someone who has made the move or even they themselves fall into this category. Maybe they have received a promotion, are going back to school or have […]

Balance Your Mood With Food: How Good Nutrition Supports Mental Health

Our brains are magnificent machines: while the brain controls rudimentary yet complex functions like your heartbeat, breathing and motor functions, it also controls a multitude of other complicated tasks such as creating your thoughts and feelings. A machine this advanced, that runs 24/7, clearly requires fuel to run. The fuel you supply to your hard-working […]

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