Are you ready
for a change?

Go from crisis to clarity, and from surviving to thriving. Find peace and balance as you navigate life's changes, disappointments, and stress.

Are you ready
for a change?

Do you want tools to help you find peace and direction in your life? Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression or burnout related to finding your purpose, caring for a loved one, or adjusting to aging you should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow. Find peace and balance as you navigate life's changes, disappointments, and stress

Counseling for...

Adults of all ages coping with adjustments after a major life change or set back.

Purpose & Direction

Are you feeling disconnected from your purpose?

Caring for Others

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out?

Aging & Adjustment

Are you struggling with the loss of health and independence?

Health & Resiliency

Are you struggling with a chronic, debilitating, or terminal condition?

Not sure you
need counseling?

Everyone could use a little help from time to time. You don't have to have any major trauma to benefit from counseling. Let us help you navigate through this season of life.

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Our full range of services...

If you feel lost and overwhelmed we can help. Life doesn't always follow a fairytale storyline and disappointment from ups and downs can cause you to feel disconnected from life. Through therapy, there is always a way to address the issues you face and learn strategies to help you both right now and in the future.

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Depression and anxiety in our society are at an all-time high but there’s hope.
In a recent study, 76% of Americans who sought counseling for support reported a positive experience.

[Barna Group Research Survey: 2/14/17] / [NAMI]

“Melissa is a very caring counselor and I would recommend her to anyone who is going through a transition or tough time in life. She is compassionate and easy to connect with!”

- TG (Franklin)

About Us

Connection First Counseling, founded by Melissa Burton, was created to offer a place of healing for adults of all ages. Our philosophy is that we start with connection first. We seek to see you, hear you, and accept you for who you are as you are first. You are not a problem to be fixed and your journey to healing can only start when you feel accepted and loved. Understanding leads to compassion and we believe you are more than the mistakes you have made or the struggles you are facing. We are committed to walking with you on your journey to healing through connection first.

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If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you, We would love to work with you every step of the way. Please contact us today!

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